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What is a web server? How does it work? What are the types of the web server?

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So these are the common questions of all. Just try to remember when you first started browsing the internet, started seeing interactive web pages, have you ever thought from where the web pages or web sites are served? Yes, if you guess something called web server, you are right. Basically where every web sites are stored is known as web server. This is nothing but a computer or a bunch of computers. So now the question is there are lots of web servers…

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What do we understand about hooks in a general sense? It is something that is used to hang other things on. So how hooks are used in react to hold something? Let’s discuss it.

We have two types of components in react. One is the class component and the other is the function component. Class components are frequently called stateful components and function components are called stateless components. But this is not true always because you can make function component stateful using state hook(useState). You will understand this by the following example(from the official doc)

Function component: import React, {…

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Calculating factorial using for loop, while loop and in a recursive way:

Creating Fibonacci series using for loop, while loop and in a recursive way

Checking whether a number is Prime or not

Finding the largest element in an array

Reversing a string:

function reverseString(str) {
return str.split("").reverse().join("");
console.log(reverseString("I am a good boy")); //"yob doog a ma I"

Counting words in a string:

Removing duplicate elements from an array:

Some special cases:

  1. Null vs Undefined

So this is one of the most confusing parts for freshers. What is null? If you check its type, you will be surprised to see that it is object. However null is a primitive value. Undefined means declaring a variable without assigning a value to it. You can get undefined in some cases. 1. When you implicitly return a function without a return statement, 2. setting undefined to something as value. 3. …

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I have seen most of my friends working with react as a beginner, they have completed lots of projects. But the reality is among them, a few exactly know how react works behind the scene. Because they didn’t spend enough time or they didn’t find it necessary to understand this. So what happens ultimately? Those who learn in this way become frustrated or can’t find too much hope with learning any library or framework. So experts suggest knowing deeply about the language before going through a library or framework or knowing profoundly about the kinds of stuff. …

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Most of the freshers become confused about landing on ES6 from ES5. Even when I started learning the features of ES6, I thought that es5 was better. After some days, it came to my percipience that how es6 made js developers' life easier. So let’s play with es6 and gain some immense pleasure.

Block Bindings, Hoisting (let vs const vs var)

At first, we have to face the two new words let and const. You may have heard to give up var and start using let and const. Why? what’s the problem with var? You have already introduced with function scope and block scope. Simply block scope is…

Event loop, event loop, event loop. Most probably you may have heard these bullshit 2 piece words. But what’s the mystery hidden behind these two words? I have asked some of my friends who have completed a sweating journey. Well, though somehow they completed, the journey wasn’t much enjoyable to them. Why? They surprised me by saying that after attaining fundamental knowledge about JavaScript, they dived into frameworks. These may be React.js, Vue.js, Angular.js, or anything else.

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So nowadays this is the common scenario we see oftentimes. So ultimately what happens. We become melancholy amidst learning frameworks. Then we have…

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If you are appearing at an interview as a junior JavaScript developer, you can have a bird’s eye view of the following topics:

1. What is JavaScript/Naming of JavaScript

How much you know about the discovery of JavaScript? Or if I say why this language is called JavaScript? There already exists a language called Java. So what’s the mystery behind the naming of JavaScript?


I want to learn some react. How can I start? I have to create components. Then I have to pass data through these components. Import-export, export-import blah blah blah….. then I have to gather all the components in App.js. Yeah, this is App.js and this is called the parent component. Ok fine. I do understand. And all the components you gathered before are called child components. Ok, this is also fine. There is nothing not to understand this. Then I have to do something so that the components can interact between them. What was that??? Ok, there is something like…


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